About Us

Twelve Fifteen LLC is a company dedicated to helping registered nurses and physical therapists to achieve their dreams and improve their lives.

Every month, thousands of new jobs are created for qualified health professionals in the United States, and we offer a complete solution to certify foreign professionals to meet this demand.

Created by US immigration attorneys, we offer the best services to prepare you for job placement and immigration with total support. We have partnerships with many institutions in the United States to give the best opportunities to our clients.

Twelve Fifteen’s program offers the opportunity for quality of life, professional recognition, a great salary and a new home. Our experience, understanding, and partnerships allow us to transform lives and provide a program that is designed to give professionals the chance to immigrate with a job already in place.

Make your dreams come true with Twelve Fifteen and allow us to guide you to a new life in the United States. With Twelve Fifteen, it's Time to Begin!